Live concerts

Coming Concerts

August 6th Folk music festival in Halden ‘Fest under Eika’

September 3rd Barnas Verdensdager, an arrangement in Halden.

Past concerts in 2022

June 15th Concert at Seilhagen restaurant

May 1st Start-up of Halden Irish Session

April 22nd Private concert

March 4th Rød Herregård


October 2nd Private gig at a wedding in Halden

September 11th Halden Farmers Market

June 12th Concert in Rød Herregård

June 31st Gig in Sjøbua, Sponvika

August 14th Concert at Fredrikstad Festning – Music Festival ‘Folk i Halden’


February 25th Concert With Siv Langøy and Rino Silden at Erlandsens Konditori in Halden

April 22nd Fir Arda concert at Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad

July 26th Double concert at Bryggerihuset in Halden.

October 23rd Concert at Vannvogna for the benefit of refugees in Greece